Become a Member

Being a member of Utah Press Association brings many advantages.

These benefits include, but are not exclusively, the following:

Display Advertising Placement Service:
The UPA staff works much like an advertising agency in soliciting, qualifying and placing advertising in our member newspapers. We encourage out-of-state Press Associations to use our member newspapers, help them choose the best location based on product, and offer them a simplified one order, one bill, one check program. For most, placing advertising is a complicated process. We eliminate the time and frustration by doing it all for our clients and member newspapers.

Statewide or Nationwide Classified Advertising:
Our staff has a program that offers classified advertisers the opportunity to place a classified or 2×2 ad in our UCAN program. That ad will then run in every participating newspaper’s classifieds at an affordable rate. Newspapers are paid 50-60% commission on ads they place into the Networks. Every member who participates receives a potential discount of 50% on their yearly UPA dues. It’s a win-win situation for the newspaper.

Statewide Buys
Statewide Buys was organized to allow our member newspapers as a group to bring in new business not currently advertising in print. It’s a fast, easy and effective way for our newspapers and their customers to reach daily, weekly and college newspaper readers with their products and services. There has never been a smarter, more cost-effective way to advertise statewide. Each newspaper is asked to give us their best possible rate for the advertising buy. We provide the account with a blended rate that represents all of the rates combined and averaged. The member newspapers are billed at their particular rate and circulation, with all billing and insertion orders handled by Utah Press.

Legislative Representation:
Your UPA membership entitles you to full-time representation on Capitol Hill. Our legislative monitor searches through each bill that is proposed or acted on, then notifies UPA of any potential piece of legislation that could help or hinder the work newspapers do for their readers. The process is long and tedious. We contact member newspapers, lawyers and supportive legislators with each and every bill that comes up that could affect our members in any way.

Strategic Research:
From time to time and as requested by the Board of Directors, we work with specific companies on research studies. These have focused in the past on such topics as subscriber satisfaction, strategic studies, positioning studies, editorial satisfaction, editorial tracking, branding, etc. The cost of this is a part of your membership and is paid for by your dues and other revenue sources provided by UPA.

The purpose of UPA is to help you succeed.

Utah Press will be happy to discuss with you the benefits of membership. Contact us today.

Denice Page
Senior Marketing Strategist