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Display Advertising
Save time and money with Utah
Statewide Display Advertising

You could contact all 46 Utah newspapers to place your display ad and receive 46 bills – but why, when Utah Press handles it all for you at


We obtain the best rates available and pass them directly on to you, no service fee involved. Whether you want to advertise in one newspaper or many, we can customize an order to suit your needs. All it takes is one phone call!

The One System:

One Order

Send us one order for any number of newspapers, any size of ad. We will prepare insertion orders, package and send ad materials to the newspapers you request.

One Bill

Upon publication, you receive one bill, itemized and supported by electronic tearsheets.

One Check

You send Utah Press one check to cover the advertising costs. Utah Press then disperses the funds to the individual newspapers.

It’s easy and convenient!

We can help create a customized ad order to fit your needs. For more information contact us today.
Denice Page
Senior Marketing Strategist