Statewide Classified Network

Our statewide network puts you in touch with 150,000 households through 31 newspapers across Utah.

It’s easy
Simply making one phone call covers the state with your message. You save time, money, and the effort of contacting each newspaper individually. There’s no service charge. It’s what we do!

It’s only $163
Just $163 for each 25-word ad (each additional word is $5) covers the state. We accept all major credit cards. The ad runs one time in participating daily newspapers and one time in weekly publications, depending on the publishing date. Save 5% with any 4+ week run, no copy change.

It works
When people are looking for something, they turn to the classifieds. Whether you are looking for help, selling a product, home or service, or have an opportunity to share, try Utah Press. It works!

“We got quite a few requests for catalogs from all parts of the state. We were quite surprised to get requests a month after the ad ran. Since several people included a copy of the ad, we knew that was where they got our name. We were very satisfied with the results.”
– Nancy Anderson, Cake & Candy World, Fargo, ND

Utah Press is happy to discuss classified advertising with you. For more information contact us today.

Denice Page
Senior Marketing Strategist

Classified guidelines at a glance:
Deadline: Tuesday at noon for the following week.
Payment: We accept all major credit cards, bank-certified checks and money orders. Payment must be made in advance.

Guarantees: Each publisher reserves the right to refuse any ad and/or place ads under the heading they feel appropriate. UPA will provide one electronic tearsheet or affadavit if requested.

Adoption ads: Adoption ads must be accompanied by an attorney letter.

Business opportunity/work at home: Ads selling directories, job listings or instruction books must state in the ad what the customer will receive and that a fee for the information is involved. Ads that require an investment for a product must state that there will be a minimum investment.

Financial ads: Company name required in ad.

900 and 809 numbers: Any toll number ads will not be accepted (including toll-free numbers that refer readers to toll numbers).

Out-of-state placement: UPA can place your ad in most other states for a nominal processing fee. Rates in other states vary. Call for details.

All ads are subject to the standard of acceptance and must not mislead readers. We/Publishers reserve the right to refuse any ad. Moreover, UPA may request an advertiser to send samples of publications, books, etc. so that UPA will have examples on file.